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Welcome to the Berti-Klaus Ltd. website!






Our company deals with container transportation with self-loading trailers. We transport 20, 30 & 40 ft containers to everywhere within the territory of Hungary.


Contact us:


         Berti-Klaus Ltd.

         Telephone: +36/20/779-5484, +36/30/954-0300



Our speciality:


We can have even a 30 tons heavy container placed onsite within 3.5 minutes. You don't have to ensure additional crane for lifting the container! Packing of the container on the ground becomes much simplier for the forklift too. When the container is packed, which might be in few hours or even next week time, the truck comes and picks up the container.










In case of more containers the trailer's crane is

capable to stack them on each other 2 high.





We can also transport and lift 2 easy 20ft

containers in the same time.















Furthermore taking containers off from rail wagons and another truck is also possible.















Watch this video hereunder for some examples for some of our activities:



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